Grow help-desk efficiency

DD Tech is an all-in-one tool that sits on top of your help-desk ticketing system. 

It is designed for Level 1 & 2 help-desk technicians to improve efficiency and productivity.


See how DD Tech works or how you can get it below!

improve helpdesk efficiency

Why should you use DD Tech?

No Training Required

Develop efficient technicians from the start. All they require in a user-friendly platform with no distractions of a PSA.

One-Click PSA Integration

All data syncs with your PSA. Seamless integration with Autotask and ConnectWise.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Keep customers in-the-know on the important updates and notifications. No more lost emails.

Visibility Over Tickets

Never lose track of tickets with multiple, persisting in-screen tabs.

Easily Add Time

Concerned about unbilled time? Automated timers start, stop and insert time instantly, giving you more accurate billing.

All Tools in one Place

Your technicians can quickly create and triage tickets, manage live chat and customer expectations all through one interface.

No Repeated Procedures

Repeatable work can be automated and standardized, and procedures shared & consumed across the team.

Live Chat with Customers

Solve quick fixes with DD Talk, speak to your customers on chat, and resolve their issue without email. 



DD Tech and Portal give you the best value when used together. DD Tech takes care of your technicians while the Portal focuses on customers. We make customer experience effortless for both sides.

Our plans start from $97 per month. 

If you don’t have DD Portal, take a look here. Check if you meet the requirements.

Aaron Corney, LANcom Technology
Help-desk Team Lead

"Overall DD Tech is a great tool for our entry level engineers.

Teaching and learning the market leading PSA systems is overwhelming, and the most time consuming part of onboarding a new engineer.

DD Tech bundles all our core features, places them in an intuitive layout, and allows our engineers to perform our businesses core actions without having to touch our PSA."

Helpdesk chat with customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the Free Version?

To access the free version you have to be a DeskDirector customer. If you are a customer you can get immediately started here or find out more below.

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Will new technicians be able to use DD Tech?

DD Tech has been designed specifically make life simple for Level 1 and 2 engineers. It is ideal for new engineers, as it enables you to cut down their training time and get them answering tickets faster. See how it works.

How is DD Tech different from DD Portal?

DD Tech is designed to make life simple for Level 1 and Level 2 helpdesk teams.
DD Portal is a platform focused on the end user – your customers.

Is DD Talk included in Tech?

DD Talk is an add-on which is in-built feature in Tech to enable chat between your customers and help-desk technician. 

This is included in our Dynamic Plan, but is an add-on for our Essentials Plan. Have a look at the pricing here.

Who is DD Tech For?

Level 1 and 2 helpdesk teams. This tool is to increase the productivity of your help-desk team. Find out how efficient are your technicians? 

Will I need to train the Helpdesk Team?

No, the interface is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. Your engineers don’t need any additional training.

Can I just buy DD Tech?

No, it comes as a service bundle with the DD Portal because they are designed to work with each other and offer the great customer service you are after. 
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What is DD Talk?

DD Talk is the new chat system in Tech which enables your help-desk technicians to solve tickets via live chat. Find more here.

Does it Integrate with my PSA?

DD Tech seamlessly integrates with Connectwise and Autotask. You can see how it works here

Why should you use DD Tech?

DD Tech is an all-in-one platform for Level 1 and Level 2 helpdesk teams that offers significant advantages, such as:

Will I need to use a PSA?

Yes, but not for your daily tasks. DD Tech takes care of your everyday requirements, but for exceptional cases you will need access to your PSA. See how it works.