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Everything you need to redefine your customer service

Ticket management
Reduce email Back-n-forth
ticket management
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Empower your customers for self-service
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Customize service experience
service customization
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Make your help-desk efficient
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Reduce email Back-n-forth
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Custom Forms

Get all ticket information upfront with our native form engine. Since its launch we have had 77,000 form submissions in 10 months. 

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Service Request Types

Instantly understand their support problem by creating service request types so that your customers can choose from a given list instead of describing the problem

Real-time notifications icon

Real-time Notifications

Customers receive notifications every time there is change in ticket status so that they are well informed

Ticket edits icon

Ticket Edits

Customers can escalate tickets with Fastrack, Flag for a later review, add notes, format text, attach files and links or even close the ticket if the issue is resolved. 

Chat icon


Customers can initiate chat to create a new ticket or to get prompt response for an existing ticket. Every chat conversation, is an expensive phone call avoided

Broadcasts icon


Notify clients about critical outages through DD Tech, and make sure it is the first thing they see when contact you for support

Effective approval system icon

Effective Approval System

Expedite approvals without any emails - customers can view the request types, quotes and invoices and have the option to ‘approve’ or ‘deny ’ the request within the portal

Secure passwordless login icon

Secure Passwordless Login

Users can securely login in using a one-time use token emailed to them.

Sign in with Microsoft icon

Sign in with Microsoft

OAuth is our latest login method for DDPortal, it allows end users to log in using their Office 365 credentials.

Active directory integration icon

Active Directory integration

DD Portal/Win uses Active Directory to identify and verify users. The logging in process is completely invisible to anyone already authenticated in AD. 

Adding machine configurations to tickets icon

Adding machine configurations to tickets

DD Portal Windows can read information about the computer and write that information into the ticket. This allows us to automatically attach configs to a ticket.

Empower your customers for self-service


Pop Up Video

Teach your clients to use the portal or introduce your MSP business with a pop-up video when they sign in on the portal for the first time


Content Hub

Upload content of your choice embedded in the portal for your customers to consume, giving your marketing team easy access to customers


Learning Center

Share content links to educate and train customers about your service offering and get fewer tickets


Bigger Brains

Train and educate your customers with an award-winning Microsoft Office course through DD Portal with quizzes to gage their understanding.


Ticket Flagging

This gives your customers the ability to Flag a ticket for review or followup. The activity created will have their notes, be associated with them and assigned to the account manager for that contact, or default member of your choosing.


Add Note

While accessing their open tickets customers can easily add a new note.


Attach Files

Customers can attach files to aid the help desk.


Customer Close

If an open ticket is resolved, the customer can close the ticket from their end. 

Customize service experience


Branded Portal

Design the portal which resonates to your MSP business, viewing you as their ultimate technical adviser when they need help


Web, Mobile, Desktop – Windows and Mac

A responsive design helps your customers to reach out to you where they want to, how they want to without compromising on the experience


Custom Domain

Allows you to customize DeskDirector’s given domain from “YourCompany.DeskDirector.com” to “YourCompany.com” or “EasyToRemember.com” This is the ultimate way to white-label product to your customers


Set VIP clients

Get to know when your ‘most important’ customers ask for support and get to them in priority



If a ticket needs to be dealt with sooner, the FastTrack option can escalate the ticket. Their ticket will change to a priority of your choice. You can select which contacts can have access to the FastTrack option.



Add a personal touch to your MSP customer service. As an engineer you can upload your image from admin panel and your customers can easily add an image through setting menu:


Email Template Engine

Create unlimited email templates from scratch to suit your needs and branding requirements. 



Customers can see history on a simple timeline. 


Desktop alert (Desktop version only)

Clients will receive a nice desktop alert when the notification is triggered. 


View Quotes

For ConnectWise, clients have access to all of the opportunities that you let them see through Quosal integration.


View Invoices

The clients of ConnectWise Partners who have been given permission can access and open invoices.

Make your help-desk efficient


Time Capture

Concerned about unbilled time? Automated timers start, stop and insert time instantly, giving you more accurate billing



Repeatable work can be automated and standardized, and procedures shared & consumed across the team


Service Radar

Graphical view of old and difficult tickets helping your help-desk team to get to them faster 


Chat & Broadcast

Respond to chat requests or schedule a broadcast message through DD Tech for quick customer communication


Reduce time to solve tickets

Work on a tool solely dedicated to solving tickets without the distraction of any extras within your PSA - ConnectWise and Autotask

No Training Required

No Training Required

Develop efficient technicians from the start. All they require in a user-friendly platform with no distractions of a PSA.

ConnectWise and Autotask Integration

One-Click PSA Integration

All data seamlessly syncs with your PSA - ConnectWise and Autotask. Your technicians have access to updated ticket information on their finger tips. 

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