DD Tech for ConnectWise and Autotask

DD Tech is a new, super quick console for your tech team to run their ConnectWise/Autotask tickets. It has been created with one purpose – to make your techs more efficient by eliminating unnecessary obstacles from their day. A simple way to manage your tickets.

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DD Tech Beta is ready for you to test

We want DD Tech to provide everything your techs need to live their entire day in and we need your help to get there. 

We are at the Beta stage and we need out to iron out bugs and see how you want to use it 

We ask you do two things: 

  1. Give the software a good workout (It’s Web based so there’s nothing to install) 
  2. Please let us your feedbackDon't be shy! (or email to support@deskdirector.com)

What you must know if you are ConnectWise user:

  • You need to have setup a ConnectWise REST API key. Follow the instructions in this article. 
  • You must be on ConnectWise version 2016.1 or above

 Test DD Tech Now

Latest DD Tech updates:

December 2017: DD Tech beta is ready for testing.

July 2017: Ticket redesign, and Macros

August 2017: Macros, Tabs and more.

September 2017: Cleaned tickets feature. 

Getting the most out of your ticket.  

How to test a new feature in DD Tech? (Please note you need to be a customer to do this)

April 2018:

Currently we are working on a chat feature for DD Tech, once it is ready, DD Tech will be released in full.

Expect to see it at the end of this month.