Deliver Better Customer Service with a Smart Support Portal

DeskDirector, better customer service with a smart support portal

See how you can improve customer experience with DeskDirector

Apart from being a better alternative to ConnectWise Client Portal and AutoTask Client Portal, DeskDirector elevates the end-user experience by leaps and bounds. 

A holistic approach to customer service with DeskDirector

Walk through DeskDirector Tools

User-friendly portal for customers

  • Easy login options to the portal, without having to remember a password.
  • Conclusive ticket information using Custom forms to solve tickets in the first response
  • Customize and brand your portal with a custom domain, brand colours, and logo
  • Integrates well with your PSA – ConnectWise and Autotask, so your customers get notifications when:
  • Available on Desktop – Mac and Windows, Web and Mobile to give customers support where and when they need it
  • Upload content for education and onboarding
  • Reports, invoices and quotes can be viewed by customers
  • Initiate chat for quick support
  • Receive broadcasts under critical outages
User friendly portal for customers

All-in-one tool for Level 1 & 2 technicians

  • Clean and intuitive interface to focus on tickets
  • Updated information from your PSA – ConnectWise and Autotask (On-Premise and Cloud)
  • Easy login with your PSA membership credentials
  • Capture time spent on a ticket easily without having to calculate
  • Automate ticket responses and standard operating procedures with macros for quick support
  • Respond to chat initiated by customers and manage them through Chat Session Manager
  • Send broadcasts in case of critical outage to notify customers immediately
All-in-one tool for technicians level 1 and 2

Your back-end to DD Portal and Tech

  • Communicates with your PSA – ConnectWise and AutoTask using their APIs for fresh information
  • Set up login options you want your customers to have
  • Brand and customize the portal 
  • Create request types that resonate with your clients
  • Use form templates or create forms to get ticket information
  • Upload educational and marketing information for customers
  • Set a ‘VIP’ status for the most important customers
  • Choose the amount of access received by each customer or company
  • Select approvers from each company for an effective approval system
Admin Console

Streamline your work with integrated tools

Integrates with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask


DeskDirector is a secure solution

Amazon web services
  • Servers and Database are deployed to the AWS cloud
  • Our security settings are conforming to the best practices recommended by AWS
Protected by HTTPS
  • Our server is protected by HTTPS and follows best practices
  • Received an overall rating of “A” on SSL labs report – This means that data transactions between clients (TECH, PORTAL, ADMIN CONSOLE) are encrypted end-to-end
Database hosted on AWS
  • Our database is hosted on AWS and inside internal network and are also IP locked


Super secure software
  • All passwords saved in our system has been hash and salted. The only way to recover the password is to reset.


GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

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