Imagine your clients being able to access and pay their invoices all from
an app on their desktop.

Well now you can thanks to DeskDirector and its integration with ConnectBooster!



About The Integration

  • Benefits:

    • Simplify the PCI Compliance process
    • Save 2-4 Hours A Week On Redundant Accounting Tasks
    • Lower Accounts Receivables By 30 Days
    • Increase Billing Transparency With Customers
    • Accept Payments with less PCI Compliance Responsibility



    • One-stop-shop portal for both service and billing functions
    • Invoicing tab gives clients easy access to view, print, and pay their bills
    • Seamless authentication with a single username/password
    • Accept Credit Card Payments
    • Accept ACH (Electronic Check) Payments
    • Securely Store Customer Payment Data Offsite
    • Flexible AutoPay / Recurring Payment Options
    • Payment Reconciliation to the Accounting Software
    • Automated Invoice Past Due/Collection Notifications



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