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Features & Components

  • DD Portal Web

    Secure Passwordless Login
  • DD Portal for Windows

    Includes up to 3000 contacts
  • DD Portal for Mac

    Includes up to 3000 contacts
  • DD Custom Domain

    Personalize your URL
  • Requesting Support

    100 config request types + 5 Prebuilt Wufoo Forms
  • Ticket Management

    Creation, viewing and administration of tickets
  • VIP and FastTrack

  • DD Custom Forms

  • Integrated Chat and Presence

  • DD Broadcast and Notifications

  • Approval System

  • Bigger brains

  • Viewing Quotes

  • Viewing Invoices

  • Get Trained

  • New Feature: Customize Panel Colors

  • New Feature: Add Avatars

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DD Portal for web  gives your clients the ability to easily access your portal from any browser, on any platform. Responsive design allows your clients to access DD from their tablets and smartphones. 

Secure Passwordless Login

Users can securely login in using a one-time use token emailed to them.

Sign in with Microsoft

OAuth is our latest login method for DDPortal, it allows end users to log in using their Office 365 credentials.



DD Portal for Windows is a native windows app running on Windows 7 and above. There are three major advantages to running a DD Portal as a Windows app:

1. Active Directory integration

DD Portal/Win uses Active Directory to identify and verify users. The logging in process is completely invisible to anyone already authenticated in AD. 

2. Notifications

DD Portal Windows can sit in the system tray and listen for notifications. DD Portal Web must be running in a Chrome tab to do this.

3. Adding machine configurations to tickets

DD Portal Windows can read information about the computer and write that information into the ticket. This allows us to automatically attach configs to a ticket.

DD Portal for Windows is a self-updating app (just like Chrome & Firefox) so there is very little maintenance once it is installed.

DD Portal for Mac

If you have important customers using Apple Macs then DD Portal for Mac is for you. There are three major advantages to running a DD Portal as a native Mac app.


1. Notifications

DD Portal Mac can sit in the system tray and listen for notifications. DD Portal Web must be running in a Chrome tab to do this.

2. Adding machine configurations to tickets

DD Portal Mac can read information about the computer and write that information into the ticket. This allows us to automatically attach configs to a ticket.

DD Portal for Mac is a self-updating app (just like Chrome & Firefox) so there is very little maintenance once it is installed.

Personalize your domain

Personalize your URL to strengthen your brand. 

Just like a professional email domain unique to your business, creating a customized URL for your DeskDirector Portal for Web service demonstrates pride in your brand. This option is available to all DeskDirector Managed Services Provider clients and is easy to set up, please contact our support team. 

By default, DeskDirector Portal for Web is hosted in the DeskDirector domain. For example, a Managed Services Provider named ‘Mordor Tech Services’ will be provided with the domain ‘mordor.deskdirector.com’ which customers will use to access the portal.

A better option is a custom, company-specific domain, for example ‘help.mordortech.com’. Just like you wouldn’t use a Gmail domain address when contacting customers (despite Google being a highly respected company), a unique DeskDirector Portal address is a statement of professionalism which supports branding consistency and sets your MSP apart in the eyes of your customers.

Creating a domain unique to your MSP business requires purchasing the custom domain service. For this small investment, your marketing receives a unique boost with all the benefits of DeskDirector under your branding.

Your customers can easily log a ticket in your Core CRM/PSA (ConnectWise or Autotask) using a simple web application.


100 configurable service request types:

Service request types are a way of helping the customer ask the right questions to get the help they need. 


5 pre-configured DD Forms

Forms allow your customers to provide all information to get the job done in the first place. DeskDirector has its own custom forms engine that you can use for each request type to simply support request process for you clients. Forms are perfect for change management requests (new user or new computer) or just for making sure your team get all the information needed upfront. Examples of pre-configured forms (you will find these templates in the admin console):

  • New Employee — Short/Long
  • An employee is leaving
  • New PC
  • Quote Request
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Client's can easily view tickets and perform actions

At any point a customer can access their open and closed tickets through a simple interface. If the user is given the permission, they can also see all tickets for the company.


Ticket Search

Customers can easily search for a ticket by number or name.


Customers can see history on a simple timeline. 


Ticket Flagging

This gives your customers the ability to Flag a ticket for review or followup. The activity created will have their notes, be associated with them and assigned to the account manager for that contact, or default member of your choosing.

Add Note

While accessing their open tickets customers can easily add a new note.

Attach Files

Customers can attach files to aid the help desk.

Customer Close

If an open ticket is resolved, the customer can close the ticket from their end. 


Certain tickets can require approval, in which case a notification will be sent to the specified approver for that company. Only after approval is granted, will the ticket reach your system. 


Markdown Styling

You and your customers can now add formatting, images, links or even code to the conversation.


You can set specific clients to be VIPs. These contacts will have all tickets come in as an escalated priority, so that their issues can be easily found.


If a ticket needs to be dealt with sooner, the FastTrack option can escalate the ticket. Their ticket will change to a priority of your choice. You can select which contacts can have access to the FastTrack option.



DD custom forms engine. You will have unlimited forms and you can create custom forms for each client.

DD custom forms-request types

If you are using WuFoo, we have a conversion tool in the Admin Console you can use. The conversion will not be a perfect tool but it will do most of the hard work of migrating. 

Form Features 


An important part of any form is validation of the users input. This can help ensure you get the correct input the first time. 
All of the fields support HTML5 validation where appropriate e.g. numbers are required to be integers and emails must be a valid email. 

Some of our fields also support more specific validation and custom error messages. This will be displayed to the end user, explaining why their answer isn’t quite what you are looking for.  

Custom validation message

Once a new ticket is created through a form, all answers will be presented in a Markdown format inside a ticket note. 

Short Text / Long Text 

Simple text input is supported, e.g. single line (short text) or multi line (long text). As well as, Custom Validation – Maximum length of the input.


Short text Long text


Multiple Choice

Allow your users to pick multiple options:

Multiple choice


Single Choice 

Allow your users to pick a single option:

Single choice


Useful to explain something to your users before they proceed. Can be used to break your form into various sections. 




Simple numerical input. Custom Validation – Equality/Inequality conditions.

Custom validation message

A date input

Users will be presented with an easy to use calendar

Date calendar


A standard short text input with Google auto-complete support. You can specify a country which google will use to prioritize suggestions.

Google auto-complete support

Email / Url 

Looks the same as short text field but with extra HTML5 input validation. 


Live Chat DeskDirector

Share information quickly 

Sometimes a quick answer can save hours. DD Chat allows both the tech and end user to fire up a chat about a ticket and get straight to the matter. Every short chat is an expensive phone call avoided

Share information slowly

Sometimes an answer might be hours away. DD Chat allows both the tech and end user to leave a chat running for hours and days. Every long running chat is a lost email thread avoided.


Live chat on MSP portal

Chat With Knowledge

When a client wants to chat with you they don't want to be asked for their name and company every time. With DeskDirector they won't be, your team knows who is asking to chat and even knows the ticket they want to chat about.

Roll It Out When You're Ready 

Chat can be turned on for everybody, select companies or just select VIPs. You choose you gets chat and when.

Your Clients Will Love It

Your clients will love being able to get instant access to your team, and your team can chat with multiple clients at once. Try doing that on a phone call.




Keep your clients in the loop and reduce ticket overload

Easily notify clients when things break

When things go wrong your helpdesk is often flooded with calls or emails. With DeskDirector Broadcasts you can cut down on duplicate tickets and keep the clients informed. They will love you for it.

Send to all clients, some clients or just one

You chose who to send the notification to. If it's about a server issue, maybe just to one of your clients. If it's about an issue at your end, or maybe your office is shut, send it to all clients.


desktop notifications-619510-edited

Desktop alert (Desktop version only)

Clients will receive a nice desktop alert when the notification is triggered. 

Access Everywhere

Your clients can access these notifications from the profile screen of DeskDirector and from the notifications menu item. They will even be reminded when they go to log a new ticket!

Get ticket alerts out of email

Are you filling your client's inboxes with ticket emails that they don't read? With DeskDirector's ticket notifications you can let them know when a ticket status is changed, your team adds a note or when a ticket needs approval.

You choose who gets notifications

You have the power to control which clients get notifications and what queues or service boards trigger them.

Helps with DeskDirector rollout

Even if they log the ticket via phone or email they still get the notification once you enter the ticket in the system. This helps introduce them to the ease of accessing tickets in DeskDirector.

Clients can easily get caught up

The notifications are always available in DeskDirector, so they can easily see the ones they have missed. As always like most features of DeskDirector they can also get these in DeskDirector Web at their desk or while on the go.

Approve Work

Now your clients can approve work before it is performed


Approval based on the type of request

You get to choose what requests need approval. That way some work might need approval (e.g. they need access to something) while everything else doesn't. It can also be different for each client. You may want clients who pay you hourly to approve more types of work than others who are all in, now you can.

You choose who gets to approve

It isn't always the main contact that should be approving requests. Therefore, we give you the power to choose who can approve. This can also be one or many contacts, that way the CEO can still be on the holiday at the beach while others approve.

Approvers can approve on the go

The approvals feature is also available in the mobile version of DeskDirector.

Approval Catalogue

See all outstanding approval requests in one list. Once it is approved or declined for any reason they will be updated.

Approve work

VIP Auto Approve

Regardless of the request type, you can set contacts as Very Important Person. This will ensure they get the fastest response, as their tickets will automatically approve. 

Skip approval for approvers

You can optionally have approvers not need to approve requests they submitted.

Status driven so you have the power

As our approval system uses statuses in your Core CRM/PSA you have the power to extend it with the PSA workflow rules. Let the contact know it is still waiting or let the dispatcher know when it is approved, the power is in your hands.

Bigger Brains Integration

Your customers can have access to an award-winning training library of Microsoft Office and related courses. Users can find and view the content directly through the DD portal desktop platforms. 

There are over 40 courses covering Office 365, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, and more – over 1000 training videos in all. 

Bigger brains-learning

All courses feature Bigger Brains’ uniquely engaging “Teacher/Learner” style, which includes two people on screen (a “Teacher” and a “Learner”) having an interactive training session during a series of short, targeted video training modules. Bigger Brains’ content was recognized with the 2015 Award of Excellence for Microsoft Office training from eLearning Magazine.

Each course includes the best trainers in the area. What’s exciting is that each course is built around two people interacting with each other in a very engaging format. A trainer and a learner have a dialogue with each other, where the learner is asking questions and gets a response with video examples.

Find the FAQs here.

Bigger Brains for Microsoft Office Announcement. 


Clients can easily view and approve quotes.

Access Recommendations

For ConnectWise, clients have access to all of the opportunities that you let them see through Quosal integration.


DeskDirector is integrated with the leading quoting solution – Quosal - so you can give clients direct access to their quotes right in DeskDirector. They can even approve them directing from within DeskDirector.

Flag Recommendations (ConnectWise Only)

Customers can also flag recommendations which will create a ConnectWise activity for the sales person on the opportunity. 


It is easy for your customers to access invoices

View Invoices

The clients of ConnectWise Partners who have been given permission can access and open invoices.

Invoice Flagging (ConnectWise Only)

Much like ticket flagging this allows your customers to flag a ticket which creates a ConnectWise activity for you to follow up.

training videos and links-1

A personalized training catalogue for your clients.


Customers have access to a large library of free Microsoft training content. You can easily add more content and categories for them to access.

Customer Personalized Content

Content can also be restricted by customer. So you can publish training specific to certain customers, like a video on how to use their specific business application.


DD Learn

DD learn is our built-in learning management system. The MSP can assign courses to Learners and track progress. Learners can pace themselves through the course, take quizzes and see their own progress.

Our first release on the system is Bigger Brains for MS Office.

We have had a surprising amount of interest from MSPs creating their own courses. We are working out how to accelerate the development of that capability. We should be in touch soon with those who have registered interest.  If you would like to be a preview customer, please register here.

You can customize panel colors of the portal to your branding colors.


Add a personal touch to your MSP customer service. As an engineer you can upload your image from admin panel and your customers can easily add an image through setting menu:


You can check how to add avatar here.