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Keep customers informed, never miss an email, and reduce calls.

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Why are emails and calls so time consuming?

Using emails and calls for customer support is difficult. Your customers often don’t give you enough information to fix the issue. There is a lot of back-and-forth, and emails are often missed by clients. Open tickets is sitting in your system for months, and your customers grow more dissatisfied with each passing day.

Long calls and emails hurt helpdesk efficiency.

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Making customer support easier

Here’s how we make your customer support easier

With DeskDirector, never miss an email, give your customers control, get all ticket information, and improve the customer experience.

Give quick, easy and accurate support
Reduce time to solve tickets

Reduce time to solve tickets

Ask your customers the right questions during a support request through custom forms. This helps your get all the information in one go, instead of waiting for your customers to respond. 

Helpdesk tool focused on tickets

Helpdesk tool focused on tickets

Level 1 &2 helpdesk technicians get access to DD Tech, an all-in-one platform seamlessly integrated with ConnectWise or Autotask. DD Tech is fast and focused to the helpdesk needs

Create a branded portal

Create a branded portal

Brand the portal as per your requirements to familiarize your customers with your MSP business and become their go-to technology adviser. 

Get quick Approvals

Get quick Approvals

Set up approvers and get quick responses with our approval system all in the portal without emails

Unclutter customer’s inbox thanks to DeskDirector

Unclutter customer’s inbox

A user-friendly interface where your users can view, create and close tickets, see quotes and invoices in one place

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