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[Video] How to get the most out of your ticket information faster?

Posted by Irina Kavchik


 In this video Warwick talks about how you can focus on providing a greater MSP support to your customers using DD Tech and cleaned tickets feature inside it.

To learn more about DD Tech click here. Please note, you need to be a DeskDirector customer to use DD Tech. 

Cleaned tickets feature inside DD Tech: 

Clean tickets vs Messy tickets


“Email connectors can add a lot of garbage to tickets and slow down techs, today we show how cleaned tickets can take from this [image] to this [image].

Your email connector brings a lot of garbage and useless information to a ticket: email signatures, long URLs, images, legal disclaimers. Clog the message and make it really hard to read.

Sometimes, 90% of the ticket is just signatures and disclaimers and other useless information.

This slows down your tech and stops from doing the great service to your customers and makes them less productive.

The solution is DD Tech and cleaned tickets inside that. The cleaned tickets will read ahead and take all that garbage and useless information out.

And your techs just deal with the clean ticket and get on to your customers faster. So, have a look at DD Tech and a clean feature in it and if you are a customer, there is a link below, and thanks for watching.”

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