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[Video] Why an MSP Business Needs an LMS?

Posted by Irina Kavchik



In this video episode, Warwick Eade, DeskDirector Founder talks about Learning Management System and a science of learning. 


Why do we have a learning management system?

"Hi, Warwick here from DeskDirector. Today I'd like to talk about DD Learn, which is a learning management system that was built into DeskDirector. And I guess a good place to start is, why do we have an LMS, or learning management system in?

The reason of that is, there is actually a science to learning and getting information. We need to do far more than just throwing videos and training videos at our customers. There are, in fact, three things you need to do to learn a new skill, and some things that you can do to accelerate that...three principles. They are expert exposure, a performance path, and deliberate practice.

Expert exposure is kind of simple, that you learn. Most people learn the fastest by actually by hanging around experts, people who are good at it, and seeing what they're doing. The videos in our system do that, as well as obviously yourself, and you can help with that training.

Performance path just basically helps when you don't have any skills at all, to know where the path is to become a black belt. And karate and martial arts are a great example of that, where you start down the bottom and work your way to be a black belt.

The third part of the practice is, I can best describe, practicing with a goal. Make sure every single time you get involved to do some practice, it's about nailing a skill, and at the end of that 5 or 10 minutes, having a goal or a particular small skill, no matter how small, you can do it 95% of the time.

And that's why you need managed learning and a learning management system, to make sure we can guide people on that learning program, rather than saying, "Here's a bunch of videos. Some time in the next month you should watch them."

So, the learning management system presents learning in a structured and supportive way. With clear learning goals. They can see all the lessons and descriptions of what will be achieved.

We've got bite-sized chunks, so people can come in for six minutes at a time, see a video, do a quiz, bank that knowledge, come back if they need. We have quizzes after each course so people can practice those skills and extra materials to practice on as well. There's abilities for the customer to obviously raise tickets against that and ask questions of you, so they can get expert exposure.

And most importantly, people can track their own personal progress. So that's the science behind it. Most of that comes from a very smart woman called Kathy Sierra, and I recommend you read "Creating Badass Users," which is her book on the matter.

For you, the MSP, obviously you want a bit of management. The great thing about the system is auto-enrollment. If you give the course to your customers, they are auto-enrolled. We enroll them, create their account, enroll them into a course and log them in. There's an individual dashboard for the people, but there's also a MSP-level dashboard, and there is the ability to roll out content.

Our first release on our platform is from Bigger Brains. It's got a bunch of amazing content in the Microsoft Office range, and it follows a really, really nice, I like it a lot, teacher - learner style, where someone's asking expert questions and the learner, on your behalf, is asking questions.

That's our first of many courses we're gonna release in terms of professional content, and we have a list already of people who have requested to create their own content. And we'll release that around the next quarter. I have a trial for that as well. But right now, have a look at Bigger Brains material. It's in there. We'll be dropping a few example courses into your tenancy, and we'll let you know when they're there so you can have a look yourself."

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