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Find Out How to Easily Turbocharge Your Website Analytics

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We always love sharing information about tools and services that can make a big difference to our partners' businesses.

In this week's One Minute Wednesday we introduce Clicky the website analytics tool. With Clicky you will significantly improve your ability to understand what visitors are doing on your site and what leads them there. This can substantially improve your ability to make informed decisions about changing or improving the content.

All it takes is the addition of a few lines of code to your website to get started.

Check out Clicky here and a live demo here. Basic monitoring is free, with paid plans from only $10 to $20.

Have a great week!


Video transcript:
Hi, and welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. Now, we’re always on the lookout for tools and services that can make a real difference to your business, and today is no exception. You’ve probably all heard of and are probably using Google Analytics in your business to monitor your website traffic and learn what people are doing, but you may not have heard of Clicky, and the real difference it can make for a very small investment of time and money.

First up, Clicky’s analytics are both real time, and you can find out information about individual visitors. So you’ll be able to know how they came to your website, what they did when they were there, and even who they are. Another benefit is its ability to alert you when visitors come from certain places, land on certain pages, or even alert you when certain companies in certain contexts maybe land on your website.

For a very small additional fee, you can add heat maps and up time monitoring. Heat maps are going to show you not only who visited your website, but where they clicked on that website so you can see what’s working. Up time monitoring is going to alert you when your website goes down or if even your email goes down. Now, there is certainly services out there, many of which are embedded in CRMs or can integrate with your CRM, but Clicky is so easy to set up and get going and is really inexpensive to get started as well. Head over to clicky.com/demo to learn a little bit more about it, and you can get going for as little as nothing. Have a fantastic week, and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now. 

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