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Pass The Moment of Truth With Flying Colors With DeskDirector

Posted by Administrator


When a needed IT component fails there is a moment of truth where our customers ask themselves - "can I be confident this will get sorted?"

We have failed the moment of truth if their next thought is;

  • "What is the phone number?"
  • "What is the email address?"
  • "What should I put in the email?"
  • "What is the web address of the place I log jobs?"
  • "What is my password if I can get to the place where I log jobs?"
  • or worse - "Who looks after this?"

If they flounder then we have failed.

No matter how well we do with the ticket once it is in ConnectWise we are associated with that moment of panic.

We are branded as poor at communication and, at the most important moment, we were.

With DeskDirector all these questions are irrelevant and we pass the moment of truth.

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