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Great New Tool That Could Help You Sell More Computers to Clients

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In this week's One Minute Wednesday we introduce a brand new product we've been hearing about called Warranty Master. With Warranty Master you can automatically determine the warranty information for all of the assets you manage. Not only that you can produce some great looking reports that you'll be proud to show your clients.

This could help you get more business from your clients by helping them understand the value of replacing ageing equipment.

Check out Warranty Master here. The sync is free and the great reports are only $39 per month.

Have a great week!


Video transcript:
Hi, and welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. I am here in Dallas, Texas, and I have been hearing a whole lot about a brand-new product called Warranty Master. Now what Warranty Master will do for you is automatically update all the assets inside your PSA with their expiry date so you know when those devices that you look after your customers are going to come to an end and may need to be replaced.

The other thing that it does beautifully well is present some incredible reports that you can even give to your clients, and they can understand the machines that they need to look at updating as soon as possible.

Once you’re logged in, there’s a great dashboard you can easily drill into. Drilling in with bring up all of the assets that meet that criteria, and you can also very easily filter and type in—here we go—I am looking for  a particular company. Heading over to the companies, you can quickly see a snapshot of all the companies that you have in there and even download a client PDF.

Looking at the PDF report that it produces, as you can see, this is something you could happily show to your clients and give them a snapshot of all the devices. Ideally, talk to them about the ones that you need to replace. I hope you enjoyed learning about Warranty Master. Just this week they launched a free version so you can keep those assets up to date for free. All you need to pay for is the reports. They’ve got a version of AutoTask coming as well as well as TigerPaw. So check it out. Otherwise, have a great week, and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now. 

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