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[Video] Why it is a great time to be in the MSP Business right now?

Posted by Irina Kavchik


In this short episode, Warwick Eade talks about why it's the best time to be in the MSP business and how you can reap the benefits by creating your own IP (Intellectual Property).


"Hi, it's Warwick from DeskDirector.

I've been an owner of an MSP for 29 years, and I can tell you that right now it's never been a better time to be an MSP.

The reason for that is it's never been easier to create IP and distribute it.

Previously, to create IP as an MSP, you had to break out Visual Studio or your code, write code, fight to distribute it, and get it to people and sell it.

But this year, with Office 365, there's a wonderful opportunity to create IP and sell it to your customers.

You can create Flows or Power Apps or Power BI dashboards, bundle them up.

And the brilliant thing is that market stuff is made distribution built-in, so selling to customers is built into the Office 365 platform in itself with AppSource.

So where do you start with this if you've never done software before?

That used to be a legitimate question. Not anymore. Just go to Office 365, find Flow and create your first Flow. It's free. Find Power BI and start your first dashboard. That's free.

You'll have it up and running... a dashboard up and running or a web flow up and running...in half an hour without any programming. That's your first step to IP. Get started now!"


If you have any questions about running your own MSP, comment below and we may feature your question and your MSP (if you would like to) in our future videos! 

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