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It takes 10 minutes to roll out DD Inbox

Posted by Liam Tait

We have made a path to roll out DD Inbox. Taking just 10 minutes, we can increase your customer satisfaction by giving your clients a on the go portal.


Step 1: Check your branding is up to date

For best results the Touch Icon / Mobile Logo should be set to a square Icon with either a white or transparent background.


Step 2: Check your server version

Check your server version is greater then 16.11.x in your admin console in the top bar.

if you're not up to date email support@deskdirector.com

Step 3: Add a phone number for the 'Call Support' option

Call support will not show in the app if no Phone number is created.

Step 4: Email your clients


Let your customer's know about their new Mobile client

Step 5: Broadcast to your clients

You can make also make a broadcast from your HUD.

You can link to ddinbox.io where your client's can download on their respective platforms.


Step 6: Done

You're all done. Now your clients will have a faster experience on the go. You've increased customer satisfaction, and it only took 10 minutes!

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