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Introducing Notifications in DeskDirector Web

Posted by Phill Claxton

We've been seeing a steady increase in the use of DeskDirector Web at our great partners. With many seeing it as an easier to deploy option to give clients access to the benefits of DeskDirector.

At the same time notifications are a great way to alert clients to issues, reducing ticket load and also to keep them informed on the status of tickets.

The problem is, in Web there is no desktop alert, that is until now.

DeskDirector Web in Chrome and Firefox now support desktop notifications!

Check out the video and as a reminder, if you aren't directing clients to tickets in DeskDirector with every email from your PSA, head here to get this going.


Video transcript:
Hi, and welcome to another One Minute Wednesday. Now, more and more of our partners are using DeskDirector Web and also using Notifications, and what we hear all the time is ‘Man, I wish we could use Notifications on DeskDirector Web’. Well, we’ve got great news for you – as of Monday, DeskDirector Web now supports notifications. Next time your client fire up their DeskDirector Web on Chrome or Firefox, they’ll get ask to allow notifications. From this point onwards, they’ll receive alerts whenever a broadcast is sent, or if you turned on ticket notifications and alert when a ticket is updated or when a note is added to one of those tickets. So if you’re not sending emails out of your PSA with links to fire up DeskDirector Web, you should do that now by heading over to kb.deskdirector.com to learn more, and don’t forget it also works great on their mobile as they’re out and about. Make sure you have a fantastic week and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now!

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