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Introducing DeskDirector to Your Clients

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In this One Minute Wednesday we introduce a couple of strategies you can use to communicate DeskDirector to your clients.

Firstly we have some documentation in our knowledgebase you can easily brand and use to communicate the benefits of DeskDirector. You can find it here

Secondly many of our partners have created their own "Getting Started" videos and added them to YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo or other sites. This is a great way to get them engaged. Check out a couple of great examples by one of our awesome partners, Jason Nelson at Allixo, here;

Allixo Client Introduction Videos


Video transcript:

Hi, welcome to another one minute Wednesday. In this episode, we thought we’d take you through a couple of strategies on how you can introduce DeskDirector to you clients, and how you can give them a walkthrough on how it’s used.

Firstly, if you search for client introduction documentation on the knowledge base, you’ll find three documents there that you can easily brand and provide to your clients. There’s two PowerPoint documents and marks-up Word document there that you can send out and give that that introduction and teach them how to use DeskDirector. The next strategy we’ve seen work really well is adding some videos into the learning center. You could record these, add them to YouTube or Wistia or something similar, and that way your clients can come and learn all about how to use DiskDirector. You could even add a section called getting started or something similar so they know where to go. What you’re looking at here is an example of what one of our great partners Allixo has done for their clients. As ever, I hope you found that really useful. Head over to the knowledge to learn more. Otherwise, have an awesome week. 

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