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How Effective is Your Website at Getting You Leads? | DeskDirector

Posted by Phill Claxton

Have you ever wondered how well your website is working for you from a marketing perspective?

In this One Minute Wednesday we explore HubSpot's Website Grader (now called Marketing Grader)

Marketing Grader will show you the things you need to focus on to improve the ability for you to be found and also convert visitors to leads and hopefully customers.

Check out the video below and also head over to Moz.com for me great tools to help. Have a great week!


Video transcript:
Hi, and welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. Now, if you’ve ever wondered how well your website is working for you as a marketing tool, there is a great free solution out there called Website Grader that can really help.

Now with Website Grader, you can quickly and easily get a free and actionable report that’s going to who you the things you should be doing on your website to make it easy to be found and convert people to leads and obviously ultimately customers. Let’s have a quick look at it in action.

What we need to do is head over to marketing.grader.com, put in the website that you’d like to review, and the email address to notify. Then you’ll be redirected very soon afterwards to the marketing grader, and you’ll see your score. You’ll see here this is a score for Microsoft.com. As you can see, even Microsoft.com has a score of 59/100, so plenty to work on.

Now you can dig into parts of this report, in this case, mobile, and see the things that you should be focusing on. Now Microsoft had two ticks here, but your site may not, and if not, it would give you the things to work on.

I hope you found that really useful. Obviously, if you do make some of the changes that Website Grader recommends, you can always go back and refresh the report and see if it’s made a real difference. Now, there’s other great, free tools out there, and I’d recommend you check out mos.com for some other deeper analytics as well. Either way, have an awesome week, and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now. 

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