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July Product Update: DeskDirector Tech & Talk: Welcome to Open Beta

Posted by Irina Kavchik

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DD Tech is a user-friendly ConnectWise console for Level 1 & 2 help-desk technicians to work on tickets. Currently, it is not fully available for Autotask, but we are working on it.

DD Tech is designed to make your techs more efficient by eliminating unnecessary obstacles from their day. It provides a clean user interface which removes all the extra features from your PSA. Thus, reducing the time of educating your techs and getting them to solve your client’s problems faster. Happy Techs, Happy Clients!

DD Tech is in open beta for ConnectWise:

DD Talk Beta Tech

Open beta? Closed beta? What is the difference?

Closed beta is when the product is available by “invite” only. It also is given to a limited number of people that are eager to try the product and happy to provide feedback. Often, they play a crucial role in the development of the product.

This is how we offered DD Tech while it was still heavily under the development; to our most enthusiastic clients. So, thank you to everyone who helped by giving the system a good workout and providing us with thorough feedback.

Now the product is in open beta which means that all our clients can access it by going to:

https://{your deskdirector subdomain}.deskdirector.com/tech for example https://support.deskdirector.com/tech

FYI: support.deskdirector.com/tech is used by our support engineers to process all the support tickets that come from you, an MSP.

On the other side, we give you a support.deskdirector.com/portal to log tickets with DeskDirector and learn how to use DD software. So, it is specially customized for our customer’s need. You can now give DD Tech to your support engineers too, to work on all the tickets coming either from the portal, your PSA or other sources, like email or phone.

If your technicians have an idea of the ConnectWise ticketing system, it should be self-explanatory for them. But if you do have any questions, please contact support.

Please keep in mind that DD Tech is fully functional with ConnectWise and will be soon launched for AutoTask Users too.

DD Talk

DD Talk is a chat system and a key feature of DeskDirector Tech. It is now also available in open beta which means that you can easily give it to your clients, but we’d recommend being selective. Offer it to only the most engaging clients. As the product is still in beta and there might be some imperfections.

Here’re few quick guides on how to get started with DD Talk:

While DD Tech is free for all our customers, DD Talk is a paid feature. If you’d like to test it out along with DD Tech, you will need to purchase it from your advantage store in the admin console.

New Portal Design

DD Talk brings a new portal design. Your customers can now request a chat with a technician from the request support page in DD Portal, as well as add a Call Back option.


We understand that you might want to give DD Talk or Call Back option only to a limited number of clients.

Read here how to enable the new portal design and configure it for your clients specifically, e.g., with or without the Call Back option.

 Please note! We are not forcing any of the new designs into your clients; open beta means that you can choose who you’d like to give it too.

When we do a public release, we won’t force it; you can do it when you are ready. Unless it’s been years after the release and your current portal version is no longer compatible with new features and improvements! Then we have to take action 😊

But we will still give plenty of notice, and you will have plenty of time to switch over to a new design.

Go to https://{your deskdirector subdomain}.deskdirector.com/tech to check DD Tech now!


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