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DeskDirector Began as a Blue Dot on The Whiteboard | Our History

Posted by Warwick Eade

DeskDirector started life as a big blue dot on the whiteboard of Lancom Technology (my MSP). Lancom’s corporate colours were Blue and I wanted a Blue button on every client’s desktop. By clicking that button our customers should find out everything about their I.T. At Lancom we still brand our DeskDirector “the Lancom button”

At Lancom we set a goal for our clients to feel talented and In-control with their information systems. Relying exclusively on email, phone and meetings was not helping this initiative. Too often our customers were missing important information. Too often that missing info made them feel helpless & stupid. So we started writing our own Portal Software.

We launched it to our clients and they loved it. We showed our HTG peer group and they were just as enthusiastic. We started selling the product and, in late 2012, DeskDirector began.


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