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[Video] Core Values of DeskDirector

Posted by DeskDirector Team

In this video Warwick talks about the 5 core values the DeskDirector team believes in and follows.



“ Hi! I'm Warwick; I'm the founder of DeskDirector. I'd like to talk to you a little bit about the values we expect from our team. We have five of them. 

The first one is about Talent, everybody on this team is on the team here because they bring a talent to it. We expect our people to continuously learn and develop the talent in a year.  

That leads to our second value, which is continuous learning, and in technology if you aren't learning you are going backwards, so we need people here to be continuously looking at new technology and new business practices and new ways of doing things.  

Our third value is humility, if you are talented and continually learning you get pretty clever. But we might need to make sure at all times that we realize there are people who are smarter, people who are better, faster, richer.  

We need to find the people who are smarter, try and be the dumbest person in the room and continue that, to continue that learning. If you get arrogant we start going backwards.  

Our fourth value is perseverance, it's a long road to go there, we will learn new stuff. Sometimes it will stick, sometimes it won't we need to come back. 

Check at each stage to make a pivot or persevere decision, but most often that we persevere and come back and try and get things out. Our last value is, our last core value is around creativity. We want creators at DeskDirector. If you're going to create leverage through software, we need people who are taking all their learning and their talent and making new better ways to do stuff. So that's the very very important driver for us there and we creativity is a very very important driver for us because without that we won't create leverage."

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