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DeskDirector's Picks for IT Nation

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Well ConnectWise's IT Nation is just around the corner, and in this One Minute Wednesday we wanted to give you our picks for the companies you should be checking out.

It's always a crazy but fun event and in the rush you never get the chance to see everyone. While there are plenty of awesome companies there that you should stop by and see, we wanted to compile a list of those you don't always hear about. These companies all offer great solutions that could really add value to your company.

If you are at IT Nation stop by and check them out, and we hope to see you there too. We have even prepared you a special "how to find them" map.

Not heading to IT Nation? well fair enough we have listed them below as well, worth checking out their websites. They are all great people who won't hound you to buy.


Our picks

BrightGauge - Dashboards and Reporting awesomeness www.brightgauge.com
BVoIP - VoIP phone system that is integrated with your PSA and DeskDirector www.bvoip.com
ConnectBooster - Payment automation platform, get paid on time every time www.connectbooster.com
ConnectSMART - Another great Dashboarding and Reporting tool www.connectsmart.com
JoomConnect - Upgrade your website and integrate it with ConnectWise www.joomconnect.com
Managed Sales Pros - They will help you become sales legends www.managedsalespros.com
MSP Assist - Get the most from your RMM investment with this great tool www.mspassist.com
Nex.to - Powerful data management tools including Email Analytics and Client Satisfaction www.nex.to
Nilear - Amazing service improving goodness, get your team super productive www.nilearos.com
StackAdvisors - Take the headache of configuring and managing LabTech away www.stackadvisors.com
Wise-Sync - Incredibly good accouting integration with an equally great platform www.wise-sync.com


Video transcript:
Hi, and welcome to Wednesday. In one week’s time, ConnectWise’s IT Nation starts, and in the craziness that is IT Nation, you don’t always get the opportunity to visit all of the booths. So we thought we’d introduce our picks for IT nation. First off, we have BrightGauge, an amazing dashboarding and reporting solution. Next B Voip, they are a voiceover IP solution that’s ConnectWise and DeskDirector integrated. Next we have ConnectBooster. They are a payment automation platform that’s going to make sure your clients are always paying on time. ConnectSmart is another incredible dashboarding and reporting solutions. JoomConnect is going to make sure you’ve got the best website on the block that’s also ConnectWise integrated. Manage SalesPro is going to turn you and your team into amazing sales ninjas. MSP Assist is going to help you get the most out of your R&M investment. Nex.To is a great selection of tools including email marketing and client satisfaction. Nilear have an amazing array of different tools particularly focused on operational efficiency. Stack Advisors are going to help you get the most out of your Labtech implementation and make sure it’s really singing. And finally WiseSync is one of the best accounting integrations we’ve seen. Make sure you check them out. If you’re heading to IT Nation, we’d love to see you there. Let us know if you are. If not, make sure you check out those companies. Have a great week, and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now. 

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