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Can I stay on my plan?

Posted by Warwick Eade

I have had a bunch of calls since we announced the product breaking up into 3 lines - DD Portal, DD Tech & DD Innovate.

I've been particularly happy about the reception for DD Innovate. MSP's have a backlog of great ideas and DD Innovate will be the place to execute on those.

There has been one common concern - can I stay on my plan  ?

The short answer is Yes. You can stay on your plan. Nobody will be made to change. 

All current plans have a combination of :

These existing plans will receive :

  • unlimited license grants to deploy DD Portal.
  • the same amount of DD Tech license grants as they presently have for Staff HUDs.

DD Portal is just the latest version of the existing core portal functionality 

DD Tech will be a supercharged version of the current Staff Heads Up Display

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