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Special ! Behind The Scenes Tour in the DeskDirector Studio

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In this One Minute Wednesday video we give you a quick behind the scenes tour of the DeskDirector video studio (wow that makes it sound swanky). The reality is, it's just one of our offices, and you can do it to. 

Check out our kit list below to see what we are using. Also be sure to watch this great video from Wistia about how to create your own studio.

The trick here is you don't need to blow the budget to create nice video. Just set it up and leave it, so you can record whenever you are in the mood.

Check it out and have a great week.


Studio Kit List


In the video we mention our old camera we now use Sony Alpha a6300. This produces pretty good video, but parts of the video above were recorded on an iPhone 5S which does a pretty decent job. Check out this great video on how to record using an iPhone.


We have a Que Audio DSLR Video Kit Lite, this costs around $179 nowadays. You don't have to spend this much, just if you can get a "shotgun" microphone they will give the best natural sounding result and get it as close as possible to the subject. 


We got our studio lights from a company here in New Zealand for around $180. Wistia have a great video here showing you how you can get a great result from Home Depot less than $100.

The light behind is a standard desk lamp on a pile of boxes. If you are out buying bulbs try and get daylight fluorescent bulbs which give of a more natural light (around 5500 K to be geeky here).

Paper Backdrop

We use Savage Paper here, and have a few rolls of it. You can get it for around $62 for a long roll (12yd or 11m). We used #27 Thunder Gray in this video.


We have a couple of tripods, one for the camera another for the microphone, these were super cheap and purchased from eBay.


Video transcript:

Hello, and welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. Today we are going to hide the camera in the studio to show you how one-minute Wednesday is child’s play.

Welcome to DeskDirector’s video studio, which is actually just one of our offices. First off, we’ve got our camera. We use a digital SLR, but can get awesome results by simply using an iPhone. The next and one of the really important things is you get a good, external microphone. The camera’s one just isn't going to cut it. The cost here is about $100, but the difference is amazing. Make sure you turn off any other distracting sounds like air conditioning as well. Another important element is the lighting. We purchased studio lights for around $200, but if you look at our blog, you can see how you can get a similar fit for even cheaper. Make sure you keep the room as dark possible so that these are the only lights on your person. Behind the person, we have another light. This helps stop shadows and gives a really nice effect. We purchased this and the bulb for about $20. Finally, on the wall, we’ve got a sheet of dark, gray studio paper. This helps us not worry about distracting background and people walking into the shot. You can buy this from most camera shops.

We hope you found that useful. Have a great week. 

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