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4 Epic Ways DeskDirector Helps When Clients Have IT Staff

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Ever thought of working with companies with IT teams? or wondered how you could help that client contact who is struggling with support requests?

In this episode we give you 4 great ways DeskDirector can help you when clients have IT staff. This can also help you win new business from companies with IT staff.

We've collated the 4 best ways DeskDirector can help you here. Both with existing clients and with prospects.

Check it out and keep them in mind next time you head to your next client or prospect meeting.


Video trancript:
Hi, and welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. In this episode, we’re going to give you four ways how DeskDirector helps you work better with the companies that have their on-site IT team, but also with companies that have staff that deal with specific support request such as with their EMRP system. Check it out.

First off, you can always create a separate branded version of DeskDirector just for them. That way, when they are promoting it internally, it feels like their tool and not just yours. You can always put something like Powered By and your company name there if you wanted to retain your branding. Secondly, under Request Support, not only can you create client-specific types here, but you get to choose where they go. They could go to the onsite team. They could come to you or a combination of both.

The Learning Center is a great place to add value. It can have client-specific documentation and self-help content that will help the end users. Meanwhile, the site IT team will love you for it. And lastly, you can even give them a branded version of DeskDirector’s heads up display. This is often easier and adds more value than giving them ConnectWise or AutoTask.

That’s just four of the many ways DeskDirector can help with clients who have their own onsite IT staff. Maybe bear in mind the next time you’re visiting your next client or prospect. Who knows what might happen? Have a great week, and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now. 

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